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  2. Let’s the battle of the races begin!

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    Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum, Osaka by Tadao Ando

    Shiba Ryotaro was an important figure in Japanese literature after the World War II. Characterized by a critical look at modern life, his popular historical novels and travel writings provided moral support for Japanese people after the war. His sudden death in 1996 was widely mourned and his works are still seen by many Japanese as a sort of guide to life.

    The museum built in memory of Shiba Ryotaro, designed by the Japanese Tadao Ando, has the aim of transmitting his message to future generations. Built on a site in Higashiosaka, next to the house where the author lived for many years, the project for the two buildings was conceived as a single integrated whole.

    Set within the heart of the museum this space is simply called “another studio”. The walls of this vast space are three storeys high and covered in shelves containing the seemingly countless books collected by Shiba over the course of his lifetime.

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    everyone’s so obsessed with sinks but




    how awesome 

    home libraries are??

    because they’re pretty rad

  5. I wish my library would look like: 1/??

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    Hermès vs Vans

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    Start of the 1959 Monaco Grand Prix with Jean Behra leading in the Ferrari Dino 246 followed by the Cooper-Climax T51’s of Jack Brabham & Stirling Moss. Furthermore we see Phil HIll (48), Ferrari Dino 246, Bruce McLaren (22), Cooper-Climax T51, Maurice Trintignant (32), Cooper-Climax T51, Tony Brooks (50), Ferrari Dino 246 & the rest of the field following.

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    The Castle, Ocracoke Island, NC

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